Vape98's Top 5 RDAs of 2018!

Vape98’s Top 5 RDAs of 2018!

Hey there guys, it’s Andre here again. This time, to list our favourite RDAs of 2018! It’s been a great year for rebuildables. We had Wotofo explode out of nowhere with the Recurve RDA and then the Profile RDA. Hellvape’s Drop Dead RDA was incredibly prolific, dominating the market still to this day. And now, the Bonza 1.5 by Vandy Vape has just released and it improves on what was already an incredible RDA. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

  • Coming in at No. 5, we’ve got the Drop Solo by Vandy Vape and TVC. The Drop Solo is a single coil RDA that went somewhat un-noticed in it’s release which is truly unfortunate as it’s a wicked little atty’. Much like the original Drop deck, it’s very easy to build on and its compact, internal chamber meant the flavour it produces is excellent. The inclusion of the heat-resistant plastic top-cap and base was a lovely touch too but what brought this one down a little is that it unfortunately retains a little bit of the spitty nature that the original Drop had. In saying that, it still produces a great quality vape and is worth picking up for sure.

  • Up next in the No. 4 position, we have the Recurve by Wotofo and Mike Vapes. This is a great little RDA with some absolute killer flavour. Much like the Drop Solo, it has a very small internal chamber and a simple little deck. However, I found that the Wotofo was just a touch less turbulent and the flavour was a little more saturated and better delivered. It should also be mentioned that the Recurve’s styling was a lovely touch to its overall experience. It was a shape I’d not seen very much of and added to the overall mood of this atty’. Still an excellent RDA, still worth the buy.

  • No. 3 sees the Drop Dead by Hellvape, Heathen & TVC. You may find this one a little mis-placed on this list and I must admit, my own personal opinions may be swaying me too much here but even still, I believe they are valid. Build quality on the Drop Dead is a stand out I think. Overall, the build quality is excellent. Every part of it is meaty and feels solid. All the threading and machining is done to a level which I think surpasses what we’d expect from a product of this price. There was legitimate innovation that occurred too with the barrel notch system including some give either way to allow you to align your airflow with your coils even when it was being cut down. However, I found that on a lot of the drip-tips that came with the RDA, the metal beauty ring on them would just fall off. This happened on mine and tons I set up in the shop. If you lost this little ring then the drip-tip just looked stupid on the RDA. Maybe it’s not a big deal to a lot of people but it’s a small, annoying problem that detracted from this RDA for me. The big issue for me however was the airflow. I just feel that for what was predominately a dual coil rda, there just wasn’t enough airflow. Now, I know this is a personal preference, but I just found the airflow to be overly restrictive even when fully open and I found that the quality of vapour really wasn’t up to scratch. It was overly saturated at the best of times and it was so easy to overfill this thing too. And if you did, you’d know about it. All in all, this RDA was created to an extremely high standard which is reflected in it’s build quality. It may not be an opinion which is shared by many (This is probably the best seller on this list) but I just think the quality of the vapour just wasn’t up to par. However, it’s still a belter of a vape and will be remembered as one of the best, mid-tier RDAs.

  • Onto No. 2 ya’ bloody cockatoos. Yes, it’s the Bonza 1.5 by Vandy Vape and the man that is known as The Vaping Bogan. If you like big, meaty dual coil builds and tons of airflow and clouds, this RDA is for you. The original Bonza was a great RDA but it had some short-falls such as the clamp system failing in some cases and the clamps also falling off and being near impossible to re-attach. This re-thought 1.5 version rectifies these issues as well as improving on the original design. The airflow control has had a makeover, allowing you to cut it off horizontally as well as vertically. The juice well has been made significantly deeper and thankfully, without making the RDA much taller. The same notch system as the Drop Dead was also added, allowing you to further center your airflow if you’re cutting it down some. The top-cap now sits over the top of the deck which gives it a much neater look and as previously mentioned, the clamp system has been revised and beefed up to last. The Bonza was already an excellent RDA but this little freshen up really cements it as one of the greats. Well done Sam.

  • And now, No. 1. You probably saw this coming but I think most people would agree it’s deserving of the top spot. It’s the Profile by Wotofo and Mr. JustRight1. This is just an excellent RDA in every sense and brings some awesome innovation to the table as well. First off, I consider this the first decent mesh RDA. No, it’s an amazing mesh RDA. The combination of a well-thought out mesh grid and the spring loaded ceramic base keeping your cotton pressed against it means the flavour you get is absolutely out of this world. And the way it delivers it’s bottom feed is incredible. It impregnates the cotton directly through the ceramic base. It’s by far the best bottom feed RDA I’ve seen. The build quality is brilliant too. The deck, the top cap, the clamps, they’re all thick and sturdy. Oh and it can use regular coils too. It’s the embodiment of longevity, practicality and versatility. Well done, Wotofo and Mr. JustRight1. You created an amazing RDA that wont break the bank. Pick this one up today!

Well, thanks for reading guys. Again, I must stress that this list is based on my opinion and may differ from your own. I just hope it helps in the search for your perfect RDA!

Andre @ Vape98