Vape98 Leaf Grinders

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Looking for a convenient way to grind up your plant material? We've got the answer! Our new Vape98 Leaf Grinders are the perfect accompaniment to your dry-herb experience! Providing a consistent grind which is perfect for combustion or for use with dry-herb vapourisers as well as catching any particles with the included dust catcher. Do a lot of travelling? Our grinders come with a silky travel bag which is very discreet!


  • Sharpened teeth to ensure a consistent grind
  • Mesh dust-catch compartment
  • Splits into multiple parts for easy cleaning
  • Made from Aluminium
  • W: 61mm
  • H: 46mm

Venus Variant:

  • W: 55mm
  • H: 46mm


  • 1x Grinder
  • 1x Dust tool
  • 1x Cloth bag for easy and discreet travelling