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If you're a fan of chocolate then you need to check these out! This line from the Chocolatier is an absolute masterpiece. Rich, sweet flavours mixed in such a delicate way. The all-day-vape potential is through the roof!

  • Ripple: One of the Chocolatier's favourite desserts - Ripple is a mix of light butterscotch toffee ice cream mixed with a lashing of vanilla creams and milk chocolates, finished off with a sprinkle of wafer cone and biscuit crumbs.
  • Orange Creme: The most delicate milk chocolate encasing an orange crème that is pure silk to the taste buds. After the orange bursts you'll be greeted by a delicate dance of vanillas and milk chocolate that will stay with you forever.
  • Slab: Who doesn't love roasted peanuts jammed into a slab of milk chocolate. One of the Chocolatier's less complicated chocolates because that's all it should be, roasted peanuts in a fat slab of our famous milk chocolate.
  • Rough: Sweet dollops of milk chocolate folded with roasted coconut shavings then lightly sprinkled with desiccated coconut, this rich coconut chocolate indulgence will leave you wanting more.
  • Boston: There's nothing like a Boston Cream Doughnut, The Chocolatier's pâtissier has worked tirelessly on this, with our signature chocolate topping sitting the fluffiest doughnut infused with silky custard. This is Boston!
  • The King's Tonne: The Chocolatier's in house biscuit, nothing goes better with your morning coffee than a good serve of The Kings Tonne. Gooey chocolate on the inside mixed with our special biscuit crunch.

Descriptions from The Chocolatier Vape Co.

Comes as 100ml - 70/30 VG/PG