New to Vaping?

Here at Vape98, we're very in-tune when it comes to helping people make their first steps into vaping! It's not an easy thing to just pick up and start doing as there is a huge amount of different devices and juices out there so if you're looking to make the switch from smoking then here a handy guide to help out!

There are two main styles of vaping that you can do:

    • Mouth to lung
      These devices will have a more restrictive airflow and often don't produce a lot of vapour. They're generally the number one pick for people making the move from cigarettes to vaping as they mimic the sensation of smoking and are quite discreet due to the reduced amount of vapour they produce.

      • Direct to lung
        These devices are much more about vapour production and flavour. Don't get us wrong, mouth to lung devices can give you great flavour but they generally don't hold a candle to direct to lung. In our experience, people make the move to direct to lung after owning a couple mouth to lung vapes, looking for something more flavourful and exciting!

      It's important that we work out which of these two styles is going to work better for you when starting out. Getting the right device can be the difference between successfully quitting the smokes or throwing your new device in a drawer at home, never to be seen again. Typically, mouth to lung is the better choice for quitting cigarettes but other factors such as size, juice capacity and battery life can also impact your first time vape experience so here's a little run down of the different types of devices, just to clear things up.

        Types of Devices:

        • Pod Systems
          These are generally smaller devices that are designed to be portable and easy to use. Their small size does come at a cost however as they often have a max juice capacity of 2ml and don't have long lasting day-to-day battery life. However, if you don't mind refilling and recharging once or twice a day, they are an excellent choice for a first vape!

        • AIO (All-In-One) Systems
          While still typically being small devices, these are often a little more robust with what they offer compared to pod systems. All-in-ones often give you more features like variable power output, adjustable airflow, longer battery life and more juice capacity while still being easy to operate. However, they can be a little more complicated to get set up and maintain compared to pod systems.

        • Variable Wattage Kits
          Being a little more complicated than the previous devices mentioned, variable wattage kits give you the most control over the way you vape. They'll often allow you to completely control the power output of your device which directly relates to the amount of vapour created. They will also give you very comprehensive airflow control and often use external batteries which results in exceptional battery life. However, they can be a little more on the pricey side so we do recommend that if you're purchasing one of these as your first vape, you really talk it over with whoever you buy it from so you'll have a good idea of how to use and maintain the device.

        • Rebuildable/Mechanical Systems
          These are on the very advanced side of vaping and are almost always not recommended for first time vapers. They are complicated to set-up and in the case of mechanical devices, they can be dangerous if not set-up correctly. We will only recommend the purchase of these if you have experience and understand what you're getting into. Have a chat to us if you're looking at buying one of these types of devices and we'll give you a run down!

        Now that we've gone over some of the common types of devices that you'll find in vape stores, there's a few common accessories that you'll need for your vaping vocabulary.

        Common Accessories:

        • Coils
          Coils are an essential part of a vape and you'll find them in any vape you buy, in one form or another. They are generally small, cylindrical objects that are inserted into your tank or pod and they're responsible for turning your liquid into vapour. Coils have a limited life-span and need to be changed out, most commonly in the 1 - 3 week range. The way you know your coil needs to be changed is through the flavour it's giving you. If you're beginning to notice a smokey, burnt kind of flavour coming through, it might be time to throw in a new coil! Alternatively, sometimes your vape will give you an error code stating 'No atomiser detected' or a flashing LED when you try to use your vape. This is also a sign that a new coil may be required.

        • Pods
          Pods are very similar to coils in the way that they commonly need to be replaced every 1 - 3 weeks. However, they are almost exclusively used with pod systems and do house a coil. However, this coil cannot be removed so when it burns out, the whole pod needs to be replaced. This is part of why pod systems are so easy to use as changing pods can be a much less messy affair than changing a coil. Some pod systems do have pods that have removable coils. In this case, you will need to regularly replace both the coils and the pod as over time, the pod will degrade and start to leak. In our experience, pods that have removable coils will need to be replaced every 1 - 2 months.

        • Batteries
          Some vapes will use removable batteries as a source for power. While this is often the best way to go if you like long lasting battery life, some precaution needs to be taken when using them. Vapes that use external batteries will often use 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries. As these batteries don't often have inbuilt short-circuit protection, extra care needs to be taken when using them. It's not a great idea to be rough with devices that have these batteries inside them as rough treatment can cause dents in the positive and negative terminals of the batteries, resulting in a potential short-circuit. If you do notice that your batteries have dents in them, we recommend replacing them immediately just as a precaution.

          These batteries are also wrapped in a protective plastic coating which covers the conductive metal beneath. If any tears or scratches pop up on the coating, it can pave the way for a short to occur so we recommend you have your batteries rewrapped as soon as possible if this happens (most vape stores can do a battery rewrap for you in minutes, us included). If you're ever carrying batteries outside of your vape for whatever reason, they must always be stored in a non-conductive case. Loose batteries in pockets can make a circuit with keys and other metal objects and discharge themselves entirely, resulting in a very hot and dangerous situation. We recommend purchasing a plastic case for any spare batteries you may have.

          It's a good idea to keep an eye on your batteries. Every month or so, pull them out of your vape and just have a look. If you notice any dents, tears in the wrapping or other abnormalities, stop using them. It's just not worth the risk.

        Vape Juice:

        Well, we've certainly covered devices but what about juice? There is an absolutely huge amount of vape juices out there ranging from fruits, desserts, tobaccos, lollies, drinks, menthols, savoury, so on and so fourth. But what is right for you? The only way you can find out is by trying some! However, there are a few tips that may help you decide.

        If you're coming over from smoking, we have found that a lot of first-timers turn towards tobacco flavours and generally, it's an easy way to make the transition. Tobacco flavoured juice doesn't exactly taste like cigarettes. Think of it more as a tribute band to cigarettes. It has some of the same notes as cigarettes and real tobacco but doesn't have that proper burnt, ashy taste to it. Instead, you'll often find light notes of caramel, peanut and in some cases, chocolate. The great thing about tobacco vape juice is that it will often still be great company to your morning coffee or afternoon beer so if you're really unsure, tobacco flavours are a great place to start.

        Rich and sweet juices can be very tempting as they often taste absolutely divine but unfortunately, the sweeter the juice, the faster it will kill your coil. The sweetener in these juices will caramelise on the heating element within your coil, causing uneven heating which then results in burnt spots on the cotton wick inside the coil. This doesn't mean you shouldn't vape the sweet stuff but it's worth knowing that there is a draw back to it.

        There's always more to know about vaping and the more you know, the better the experience. Remember that we've always got your back! If you buy a new device and it's doing something weird or not working the way it should be, we're just a phone call away. After all the years we've spent around these things, we're master trouble-shooters and will have something to say about any problem you can throw at us. We really hope this large block of information has been of some help to you!