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As I'm sure you're aware, vaping is blowing up all around the world. Trends appear in different places and a whole manner of flavours you may have never even considered could be waiting for you across the pond. Luckily, we've brought in a selection of international juices to keep your taste buds on their toes.

Be sure to check out the product descriptions for flavour lists!

All juices contain zero nicotine.

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Cream Team by Jam Monster
Cream Team by Jam Monster, a deliciously creamy range of juice by the ..
$38.00 inc. GST
Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady. The dessert masters from the old country (England.. ..
$27.00 inc. GST
"IVG is where your vaping connects you with your drip, love, and passi..
$27.00 inc. GST
"Vampire Vape was established in 2012 and went LTD as Flavour Warehous..
$28.00 inc. GST
Vapetasia. The biggest and baddest e-liquid producer from Sin City (ie..
$34.00 inc. GST