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Hi there! My name’s Andre and I work at a little place called Vape98 in Adelaide’s city centre. We’re a humble store with a vibrant passion for vaping and everything related. I’ve been in the vaping world for around 3 years now and have dabbled in pretty much every corner of it. I started out on a Joyetech eGo AIO when I was quitting cigarettes and it all went a bit crazy from there. On a working holiday to the UK last year, I started work with Cigtronica Ltd, creating e-liquids for their ‘ZAP!’ juice line. Here, I developed a liking to flavour-chasing and big, sub-ohm devices. I ended up with a SMOK Baby Beast and an Innokin Coolfire Ultra which in a truly unfortunate turn of events, fell from my pocket on the tram and was lost forever. I remember the moment when it fell. I heard it but I assumed it was someone else’s phone or something. I still miss that mod.

This led me onto my next journey with Tablites, a Manchester-based e-cigarette shop. I went in there to replace my beloved Coolfire and walked out with an Eleaf 80-watt iStick and an Atlantis EVO. This is where my proper obsession with vaping began. Actually selling the devices, I quickly learned about them and impulse-bought many, many tanks, mods and accessories. Soon I had an Aspire Archon with UWELL’s Rafale X RDA (Which is what I learnt to build on). I developed a taste for the higher-end gear eventually with my co-workers rocking some cool stuff (Simon, I will still buy your Goon mate).

In February, my partner and I departed from the UK and came back home. On my second or third day back, I came into Vape98 and handed in my resume and boom, here I am. Since then, I have gotten into squonking, mech mods and mainly, MTL RTAs. It’s all of interest to me though and I look forward to continuing this journey! Big thank you to Simone and Christine for taking me into this wonderful little shop and making me a part of the family.

So, on this little blog here, we’ll be talking about several things in the industry;

·      New Products Rundown & Reviews

·      Maintenance & Battery Safety

·      Advocacy

·      Industry Trends

·      Community Events & More

Anyways, onward! Today I want to talk a little bit about regulated mods. For quite a while now, the regulated mod game has been making the same plays repeatedly. 220-something watts, temperature control & a screen with a neat interface. This recipe has remained mostly unchanged for some time and with good reason too; It just works. However, does that mean we shouldn’t still be trying to innovate? Companies like SMOK and IJOY recently tried to shake things up with each releasing a voice-controlled mod (The SMOK I-Priv and the IJOY Avenger) which definitely got some press but have seemingly not taken off as a trend. 

WISMEC’s ‘ACTIVE’ kit will be releasing this month which is a vape and a Bluetooth speaker all rolled into one. While this is definitely an intriguing idea, the 2100mAh internal battery suggests that this mod may spend a good chunk of its life plugged into a charging cable. While 2100mAh would be perfectly fine for your usual 80-watt device, the added load of powering the extra components would really impact battery life, assuming you’re using the speaker frequently which I imagine you would be. Why even buy the kit otherwise? WISMEC could have made the battery bigger for sure but I believe they tried to hit a middle ground between size and battery life. It should be mentioned that the ‘ACTIVE’ looks very compact which is impressive considering how much is packed into it. In short, this idea is far better than voice control in my opinion but much like the voice-controlled mods, I don’t really see this taking off as a concept either.

It’s not all hopeless though. There have been several regulated mods releasing recently that do change things up, however not as outlandish as what we’ve just been talking about. The Rage by Desire Design and OhmBoy OC is a regulated, dual battery mod which integrates a bottom-feed system for RDAs. In the past, bottom-fed mods or ‘squonks’ were generally fully mechanical box mods which used a single battery. This meant two things; you had to understand mech mods to use them and the battery life left a lot to be desired. Then, a long came Geekvape’s GBOX. This was essentially what The Rage is now but far less refined. It was absolutely huge. Like, I mean massive. Then came the Vandy Vape Pulse Regulated 80W BF Mod. This definitely improved on the concept that Geekvape had come out with as the form factor was far easier to live with but much like it’s predecessors, it could only use a single battery. Skip forward a few months and boom, Desire Design and OhmBoy OC release The Rage and boy, they nailed it. It’s everything the GBOX was except it’s reasonably sized and the build quality is amazing. It was an instant hit and really showed how far refinement and attention to detail can take a product.

UWELL’s ‘Nunchaku’ kit was another big hitter from this year. It’s an 80-watt, single battery mod which was built to perfection but what was truly impressive about it at release was how UWELL married the ‘stick’ style with variable wattage controls. This is a fully-fledged variable wattage device with a screen and buttons but all packed into a convenient size, something unseen before at this point. The ‘Nunchaku’ tank which came as part of the kit was a step-up as well as the flavour is unreal and considering it’s quite a conservative tank too (40 to 50-watts), it was impressive to say the least. This led to a slew of companies copying the Nunchaku but nothing could touch the original. This device really set a standard and at a reasonable price too.

Where we’ll go from here is anyone’s guess. All I hope is that this post has been informative and interesting and will possibly help you on your next purchase. In any case, we’d love to hear what you think might be the next big craze in the vaping world so get involved! That’s about it from me, thanks so much for reading!

Andre @ Vape98