Top 10 Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes

There are a lot of myths about vaping, people are often quick to condemn it, focus on the statistics of smoking rather than taking a quick look at the facts. 

Vaping is totally different to smoking, for one thing, it is vapour not smoke, nothing is burned to create carcinogens, rather the flavoured e-liquid is heated to produce steam, the list of differences and benefits of vaping rather than smoking cigarettes are extensive. 


But what are the key benefits of vaping over smoking, and how can vaping help you even quit smoking cigarettes for good? 


In this article, we look at the top 10 benefits of vaping vs. smoking with a range of information that is backed by real research so you can decide for yourself if Vaping may be a good option.


1. Smoking Kills You! 


Smoking cigarettes is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia. There is a tobacco-related death about every 28 minutes in Australia, adding up to more than 50 deaths each day, this startling fact means smoking claims the lives of 15,500 Australians every year.[1]


So, when it comes to vaping, there has been only one reported death[2]due to equipment malfunction in the world. Not a long, drawn-out insufferable death in which your loved ones see you slowly deteriorate and suffer such as that brought on by any number of cancers through smoking. 


2. Cigarettes Are Expensive 


A vaping starter kit costs $30 with 60ml e-liquid around $10 and $30 depending on your flavour choice. 


Meanwhile, with the constant increase of government excise, the cost of a packet of cigarettes in Australia is nearly $40 per packet[3]. Therefore if you are a ‘pack a day’ smoker it is going to cost around $14,600 per year just to feed your habit, and that’s not taking into consideration any of the health issues and doctors appointments you might have due to your smoking habit. 


On the other hand, based on an individual that is vaping 20 times a day, comparable e-cigarette costs are around $720 per year, saving $13,880 per year[4]. The cost savings alone should be enough to steer individuals away from cigarettes for good!


3. Choose From A Range of Delicious Vape Flavours


Stores such as Vape98offer a wide range of e-liquids made both in-house and brought in from around the world for the enjoyment of vapers. 


Unlike cigarettes, e-liquid comes in a wide range of exciting flavours including fruit, sweet, spicy even baked goods. When inhaled through vapour you can taste all the flavours, not just smoke – which is an enjoyable experience for the user. 


4. Vaping Doesn’t Smell Like Cigarette Smoke


Anyone who has ever smoked – or hasn’t ever smoked – cigarettes will tell you how bad the stench of a cigarette is for those around them. Cigarette smoke seeps into your clothes, your hair, your pours and everyone around you – and leaves a rather smelly afterwards. 


Meanwhile, the vapour is steam and has a sweet, pleasant smell – some even e-liquid has the aroma of baked goods – far more pleasant than smoke. So if you want to smell nice and not drive people away with the stench of cigarette smoke, vaping could be a way to do it.


5. Lack of Addiction


It’s a common misconception that nicotine is the main cause of death when it comes to cigarettes, this is not the case. 


There are dozens and dozens of harmful chemicals or carcinogensthat do that, it’s the nicotine that is addictive, that creates the craving and that keeps driving smokers to poison themselves. 


In Australia, e-liquid with nicotine is not legal – although there are loopholes to get it if you import from overseas. That being said, even those vapes with nicotine created overseas do not contain the harmful caseinogens of cigarettes, so it’s a win/win. 


6. Vapes Are Socially Acceptable


Smoking in the 1970’s to the 1990’s was not only acceptable, but also wholeheartedly embraced. In the 2000’s it was slowly stamped out and became less acceptable, then when 2010 came around it was banned almost everywhere. 


With the majority of the community detesting smoking, often banishing them 10, 20, 50 even 100 metres away from corporate buildings or schools.


Meanwhile thanks to its pleasant odour and its lack of carcinogens plus the lack of ‘smoke’, vaping provides a socially acceptable alternative that has been embraced in many places that smoking is banned. 


7. Start Getting Healthier Straight Away


About 8 hours after you quit smoking, you will start feeling better almost straight away as your body starts to get rid of the carbon monoxide in your body, which lowers your blood oxygen levels, reducing fitness and increases fatigue. 


Vaping increases carbon monoxide in your blood, so if you’re swapping cigarettes out for a vape, you will start feeling the positive effects sooner! 


8. Lower Risk of Lung Cancer


We have all seen the ads, fathers not able to play in the park with their kids, mothers unable to breathe, lung cancer is one of the most devastating diseases that when caused by smoking, is completely preventable. 


Swapping over to vaping will mean your lungs don’t receive the punishment it does when smoking. Within 10 years or more, your chances or contracting lung cancer will significantly drop and you will literally be adding years to your life. 


9. Lower Risk of Heart Attack


Smoking cigarettes increases the chance you will have a blood clot, which can lead to strokes, heart attack and death. 


Quitting smoking will add years to your life and within five years you would have halved your chance of a heart attack or stroke due to smoking. Vaping is an alternative to kicking the cigarettes for good, and get your health and heart back on track. 


10. More Energy


As we age, we all want more energy. “If I was 10 years younger I would have caught you”, you can often hear parents as they play with their children in the backyard. 


After a few months without smoking, the mucus and crud sitting on your lungs as a result of smoking would have been extracted from the body, you will be breathing easier and your blood will be pumping more oxygen-filled blood around the body, leaving you feeling fit, more active and more energetic than you have in years. 


Vaping does not leave the toxins, carcinogens or crud that sits on your lungs, it is steam with a flavour that can assist you in giving up cigarettes for good. 


A Final Word


No one said it would be easy to give up smoking for good, but vaping is a viable, safer, socially acceptable and fun alternative for you to quit the smokes and enjoy it its own right. 


Before you start vaping, speak to qualified experts that are vapers themselves and have been in the industry for years providing expert advice to thousands of clients every year. 


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